Real Estate, Construction, and Commercial Pricing

We bring professionalism and experience to North Alabama as we now offer marketing, construction, industrial and real estate companies the opportunity to acquire quality media at a very competitive rates. Our goal is to not only give the best quality but at an outstanding value between our drone services both video and photography as well as at the ground video and photography services. Prices and quotes are for standard licensing and basic post processing unless otherwise specified. Full estimates may include discounts and savings as well as additional costs depending on the project. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Aerial, Ground, Exterior, and Interior Photography:

  • Our expertise in post processing and state of the art professional equipment will give you peace of mind.   
  • Realtors in the Huntsville, Decatur, Alabama and immediate surrounding area contact us for special local discount rates and combinations
  • Photo packages start as low as $150 (includes basic post processing). 
  • Photo + Video discount combo pricing available.
  • Photo + Video editing with full production available. 
  • Construction Photography: Call for package rates on weekly and monthly drone progress photos and video.
  • Construction and Real Estate companies save big by combining multiple projects in the same area.

Edited and Unedited Video:

  • Costs vary per project and require a detailed estimate.Contact us for a free proposal.
  • Competitive hourly and daily rates using these platforms and many more:
  • -DJI Mavic Air, small and nimble with high quality sensors 
  • -Sony A7iii with professional lenses and gimbal

Stock Footage: 4k Video & Photography

  • Local stock drone footage of Huntsville, Decatur, Florence, and most places throughout North Alabama
  • Drone photography, ground photography, interior photography and 4k video
  • Hassle free easy licensing at great rates
  • Costs vary per project Contact us for a free proposal


  • Standard pricing on this site is for non-exclusive media licensing for specified use.