The Wedding Process

Wedding Experience

Looking for a wedding photographer can seem overwhelming because of the overabundance of options out there, and yet everyone knows the significance of this vendor for their wedding. These are the photos that will fill your walls for the rest of your life as well as those of your family’s walls. That is why people can feel frozen when attempting to decide on booking the right person or company because the sentiment is this person needs to be perfect. You will have a better experience here as I have laid out the process that my clients undergo which I will walk you 

Meeting and Planning

Beginning the journey of finding the right photographer tends to be filled with feelings of anxiety and excitement. Will we connect? Are the images going to wow me and my fiance? As you can guess, meeting me is essential as we will discover the best wedding photography secrets for your wedding only after a thorough consultation about your vision. If we have a sound connection, then we can join together on this adventure via a simple, easy-to-understand booking agreement.

Engagement Session

Our first foray into your engagement photos begins with finding the right venue, time of year, colors, and general tidbits that will make your personalities shine through the camera to be splashed on canvases on your walls or beautifully displayed in a guest book at a wedding. To prepare you for your engagement photos, find the outfit that compliments your vision and leave the rest to me. After this shoot, we will sit down for a premier where we will review the images taken to find which pictures you want to use during your wedding day as well as your invitations, website, and more.

Final Meeting and Planning

In our final planning meeting, because we have had some form of planning during all of our encounters, we will review the details of your wedding day including arrival times, desired poses, family picture requirements, potential pre-wedding pictures such as a first-look, and more. It is during this meeting that we will discuss the what-ifs one more time to give you the confidence in what will be photographs of one of the most important days in your life.

Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day has arrived, and all the arduous work and planning is coming together. I will be near you throughout our planned time together capturing the subtle significances that can rush by you during this emotionally charged time. Additionally, I will stay in contact with your primary wedding coordinator whether that be a wedding planner or venue coordinator, to ensure that my presence enhances the event. My goal is to capture your day with passion

Delivery of Images

After the wedding, the emotions will settle a bit. That is until we get to meet one more time for the delivery of your images or what I lovingly refer to as your Premier. It is at this time that we will look through all of your photos including the pictures that I think genuinely stand head and shoulders above the rest. Capturing your perfect wedding photo takes time and skill. It is at this meeting that you will find the fruits of all of our hard work. This meeting, Awesome!

Client for Life

The wedding experience is only the beginning of my relationship with my clients. During the next years or even decades, I will be capturing your life in small segments. My previous clients, and now you, can enjoy documenting life moments such as holiday sessions, family portraits, and so much more. Our future time together is where the value of booking me today comes to life as your initial investment pays dividends. I love my clients. I look forward to helping you join The SharkEye family.